Friday, 28 December 2012

Dink & Dry Fruits Laddu

Dink & Dry Fruits Laddu

Dink & Dry Fruits Laddu


100 gm.dink (edible gum)
100 gm finely grated dry coconut
100 gm kharik (dried dates broken into small pieces)
100 gm almond
500 gm powdered sugar
 50 gm poppy seeds
 50 gm cashews nuts
 50 gm pistachio
1 cup ghee
1 cup ghee for frying gum
1/2 tsp cardamom powder


1. Fry the gum in small amount of ghee, it will fluff up fast into white balls. Make
    this gum into a coarse powder & keep aside.

2. Now take kharik & make very fine powder of it.

3. Dry grind poppy seeds, almond, cashew nuts, pistachio separately
Keep aside.

4. Roast poppy seeds, almond, cashews & pistachio separately in small
   amount of 
ghee for 2-3 min. Keep them separately.

5. Take above all ingredients in a big bowl add sugar, grated dry coconut,
     cardamom powder & mix well.

6. Now rub your palms with a little ghee,take a handful of the mixture & make
     a laddu carefully.Repeat the same with remaining mixture

7. Store the laddus in an air tight container.You can keep these laddus
    for 7-8 days.

8. These laddus are good for winter season.

Dink & Dry Fruits Laddu

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